The Artist

Hi, I'm Vania!

I'm an artist, illustrator, & designer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I started as a corporate graphic designer, but never outgrew my love of whimsy...

While I've always been creative, I began painting in 2014. It was an outlet to de-stress from work, but I fell in love with the process. I explored what inspired me and got in touch with my love of whimsical storytelling.

As a kid, I loved children's books. I loved that pictures told the stories and wished I could do artwork like that. As an adult, I made the "practical" choice to go into web & graphic design... but the dream of illustrating still lingered. A series of projects, connections, and major opportunities for my personal art led me to be in a place to go full-time into freelance illustration.

I thought I "made it," but that was actually just the start of a creative journey...

The Creative Journey

There's no shortage of career advice for freelancers, and not all of it is good. I'll just say I made some rookie mistakes that led to burnout, but those choices led to a lot of self-discovery--including how my faith, neurodivergence, multicultural identity, and core values shape my work. That exploration led me to pivot from illustrating books for independent authors to a more holistic vision of a creative business. Instead of limiting to one creative avenue, I expanded to include all three: art, illustration, & design

While brand & graphic design are my specialty, my approach to design is artistic. I believe any business can stand out in a saturated industry when its visual presence is unique and timeless (instead of trendy and corporate).

Fine Art for Home & Office

Prints, Commissions, & Lifestyle Merch

Brand & Graphic Design for Business

At the heart...

By exploring my core values, I found that fulfillment in being an artist goes beyond just making art. It can also be a way to bring people together in a community. And, it has mental health benefits when done for deep personal reflection.

So beyond making art, I also: host art meetups, lead a creative worship gathering at Gateway House of Prayer, lead art & mental health workshops, and coach others one-on-one on how to find your creative identity (i.e., the creative expression that's unique to you).

Outside of being an artist... I enjoy spending time with family & friends, being an auntie to the cutest baby niece, kayaking, swimming, traveling, and experimenting with cooking.

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