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Whimsy in Paint + Digital

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A collection of loose, limited-palette digital sketch studies

Illustrated Collection

Embodied Wonder

This is an illustrated ink & watercolor collection featuring nature and whimsical "storybook" scenes in the shapes of human hearts and lungs. It was inspired by the beauty of individuality, honoring the hopes, dreams, and seasons of life that make us who we are.

Just as each tree, flower, and insect offers something unique to the earth's ecosystem, so do each of us exist for a purpose and contribute something unique and necessary to humankind.

Illustrated Books & Covers

Check out the illustration work I've done for (mainly) children's books and book covers! View Work →


You can buy my artwork at any of these shops! Merch offerings may overlap, but the descriptions below give you a general idea of what you'll find through each shop.

Original Art, Limited Edition Prints

Art Prints, Office, Home Decor

Art Prints, T-Shirts, Mugs

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